What do you get when you cram over a hundred students on to school buses and send them to a bar in the middle of nowhere? A hell of a good time! This event marks the start of MLSB every year and takes place in the winter.

Date: March 19th

What better way to get ready for the MLSB season than to drive down buses full of party animals like yourselves to T.O. to watch the boys of summer? CLICK HERE to get your ticket!

We’ll have a few drinks and watch some baseball, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to playing in the big leagues.

Date: May 17th

Ever seen the movie? Well this is even better. Teams dressed up as various countries competing under the hot sun coupled with several awesome drinking games makes for a day that you will never forget.

Actually, you probably won’t be able to remember much at all. Teams that do well will bring home points for the year end ESPYs.

Date: May 13th

MLSB hosts their annual All Star tournament, and what could be better than playing it in a baseball field in the middle of nowhere! Those not participating in the All Star Game are in for a treat, as they get the entertainment of watching the All-Stars get clumsy on the field.

Bring your tents because we will be camping out for the night!

Date: July 23rd

HFTC is MLSB’s infamous pub crawl. For most MLSBers, this will be your only realistic chance to actually hit the cycle (by way of bar shots of course). Make your way from bar to bar in a state that is likely to keep you out of commission for the better part of the next day.

Sleeve monsters are a must.

Date: July 16th

Rafting is the most hyped MLSB event of the summer! It is a whirlwind of a weekend with rafting, camping, tanning, and drinking events on the Ottawa river with our friends at OWL Rafting.

If there is one MLSB event you shouldn’t miss, it is definitely this one because it is going to be a wild weekend!

Date: July 9th

We all know Halloween during university is the best holiday for several obvious reasons. At MLSB, you get to partake in celebrating this joyous day twice a year.

Best costumes take home points for the ESPYs.

Date: June 11th

A tourney for everyone even those who have graduated.

One of the best weekends of the summer.

Date: August 13th

The final ESPY awards take place at the end of the summer. The team who collects the most points throughout the summer will win the ESPY’s, a prize, and some well deserved glory. Point breakdown as follows:

  • For each $1 spent at a MLSB sponsor (doesn’t have to be your team sponsor) you will receive 1 point. This is measured through submitted receipts.
  • Semis at Beerfest: 40 pts
  • Finals at Beerfest: 60 pts
  • Win Beerfest: 80 pts
  • Summerween best costume: 40 pts (per team member)
  • Semis at Rafting World Series of Flip Cup: 40 pts
  • Finals at Rafting World Series of Flip Cup: 60 pts
  • Win Rafting World Series of Flip Cup: 80 pts
  • Homerun derby at Beerwell Classic: 40 pts
  • Win a tournament (non competitive or competitive): 200 pts
  • Finals of a tournament (non competitive or competitive): 100 pts
  • Win the league: 800 pts

Date: July 27th

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