Fields & Rules

These are the official MLSB Rules. Read them. Know them. Follow them.

  1. No Drinking on the Baseball Diamonds at any time!
  2. Regular season games start at 11:45, 12:45, or 1:45 and run for 50 minutes. No new innings can start after 12:35, 1:35, or 2:35.
  3. Batting orders must be written out by each team prior to the start of the game and cannot be changed. It must include all players who play in the field. Players arriving late can be added to the end of the order.
  4. At least 3 girls must be on the field every inning and hit every time through the order. At least 2 girls must play on the infield every inning. In your batting order you can have no more than 4 guys bat in a row before you must have a girl in the order.
  5. The team captains will be in charge of umpiring the game. If there is a case where they cannot agree on whether a player is safe or out, they will play rock, paper, scissors to determine the outcome of the play.
  6. In the event of a tie game Captains are to submit the score as a tie and there will be tie-breakers handled at captain’s meeting in the event that the tie needs to be broken in the standings.
  7. There can be at most 5 players in the infield and 10 players in the outfield when each pitch is thrown. No outfielder can come into the infield to make a play during the game, however an infielder can go into the outfield to make a play. At the start of every pitch the infielders must be in line with the base path or deeper (no creeping in).
  8. Runners must not touch home plate, but must run past the home plate line behind home plate.
  9. Runners may run through first base and the home plate line, however at 2nd and 3rd base, runners may be tagged out by the defensive team if they run past the base.
  10. To prevent injury no double plays are allowed.
  11. No bunting, chopping or sliding is allowed.
  12. All hits must go past the pitcher while moving or they are considered dead balls. The defending team is responsible for calling the ball dead, and failure to do so will result in the play being allowed to continue.
  13. If the pitcher is hit by a batted ball the hitter is out and the ball is considered dead, runners cannot advance.
  14. 3 pitches will be given to each hitter (5 for girls). Pitches not swung at, foul balls and dead balls all count towards the 3 pitch maximum.
  15. All hits, in the air or on the ground that reach the outfield and that land in front of the outfielders are deemed automatic singles. The hitter may take first base and the other runners (if any) move up one base. The batter and all of the base runners cannot be thrown out from the outfield.
  16. All hits that land past the deepest outfielder in the vicinity of the hit, are deemed automatic doubles. All hits that hit the back fence are deemed automatic doubles. The hitter may take 2nd base and other runners (if any) move up two bases. This does not include balls that roll past an outfielder and do not reach the fence, as those will be ruled singles.
  17. All hits that land over the fence without bouncing are homeruns and will score the hitter and any runners on base.
  18. The maximum number of runs scored each inning will be 5, however the last inning will be open and both teams can score an unlimited number of runs. Both captains will agree prior to the start of the last inning what inning will be the last based the time constraints.
  19. If a bat is thrown by the batter, either accidentally or on purpose, the batter will be automatically deemed out.
  20. A runner at 2nd or 3rd base who is not forced to advance on an infield grounder must be more than half way to the next base before an out is made at a different base. If they try to advance after an out is made at a different base they must return to their previous base.
  21. If 3 full innings of a game have been played or 25 minutes of the game have been played, and the game gets rained out, the game is considered played.

All regular season games take place on WP fields 1 through 4. Hillside upper and lower are used during tournaments. click on the maps for directions if you’re still lost

Waterloo Park fields 1 & 2

Waterloo Park fields 3 & 4

Hillside upper and lower

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